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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pro Basketball Hoops Land: 2015 1st round Mock Draft

I will be honest,  I usually am wrong when it comes to these mock drafts.   This year 1 and 2 could be switched.  In spite all of that,  I enjoy doing these every single year.  I could be wrong about my choices, or I could be dead on.   Here is my list of 2015 NBA Mock Draft.

2015 NBA Mock Draft

  1.  Minnesota-  Karl Anthony Towns-  Center-  7'0"  250 LBS- Kentucky
  2. L.A. Lakers-  Jahlil Okafor-  Center-  6'11" 270 LBS-  Duke
  3. Philadelphia-  D' Angelo Russell-  Point Guard/ Shooting Guard-  6'4"  195 LBS- Ohio State
  4. New York- Emmanuel Mudiay-  Point Guard-  6'5"  200 LBS-  China
  5. Orlando-  Justise Winslow-  Shooting Guard/ Small Forward- 6'6"  222 LBS-  Duke
  6. Sacramento-  Kristaps Porzingis- Power Forward- 7'1"  230 LBS-  Latvia
  7. Denver- Mario Hezonja-  Shooting Guard/  Small Forward-  6'8"  215 LBS-  Croatia
  8. Detroit-  Stanley Johnson- Small Forward-  6'6"  242 LBS- Arizona
  9. Charlotte- Cameron Payne-  Point Guard-  6'2"  185 LBS-  Murray State
  10. Miami-  Willie Cauley- Stein-  Center-  7'0"  242 LBS-  Kentucky
  11. Indiana-  Myles Turner-  Center/ Power Forward-  6'11"  240 LBS- Texas
  12. Utah-  Trey Lyles-  Power Forward-  6'10"  240 LBS- Kentucky
  13. Phoenix-  Bobby Portis-  Power Forward-  6'11"  245 LBS-  Arkansas
  14. Oklahoma City-  Sam Dekker- Small Forward-  6'9"  220 LBS-  Wisconsin
  15. Atlanta- Frank Kaminsky-  Center-  7'1"  230 LBS-  Wisconsin
  16. Boston-  Kelly Oubre- Small Forward-  6'7"  205 LBS-  Kansas 
  17. Milwaukee-  Devon Booker- Shooting Guard- 6'6"  205 LBS- Kentucky
  18. Houston- Tyus Jones-  Point Guard-  6'1"  185 LBS- Duke
  19. Washington- Montrezi Harrell- Power Forward-  6'8"  255 LBS- Louisville
  20. Toronto- Rondae Hollis- Jefferson-  Small Forward-  6'7" 210 LBS- Arizona
  21. Dallas- Jerian Grant- Point Guard-  6'4" 200 LBS- Notre Dame
  22. Chicago-  Rashad Vaughn- Shooting Guard- 6'5" 200 LBS- UNLV
  23. Portland- Kevon Looney- Power Forward- 6'9" 222 LBS- UCLA
  24. Cleveland- Terry Rozier- Point Guard-  6'2" 190 LBS- Louisville
  25. Memphis- Deion Wright-  Point Guard/ Shooting Guard' 6'5"  180 LBS- Utah
  26. San Antonio-  Guillermo Hernangomez-  Power Forward/ Center-  6'11"  250 LBS- Spain
  27. L.A. Lakers- Justin Anderson-  Shooting Guard/ Small Forward-  6'6"  230 LBS- Virginia
  28. Boston-  Jarrell Martin-  Power Forward-  6'9"  240 LBS-  LSU
  29. Brooklyn-  RJ Hunter-  Shooting Guard-  6'6" 185 LBS-  Georgia State
  30. Golden State-  Cliff Alexander- Power Forward-  6'8"  240 LBS- Kansas

So what do you think of my 2015 NBA Mock Draft?  What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? Send me your comments on this. Thank you for reading Pro Basketball Hoops Land. 

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